AGP Fellowship Accreditation


The Academic Pediatric Association (APA) has undertaken to provide consultation and potential accreditation of academic general pediatrics (AGP) fellowship programs.

Why an Accreditation Program?

  • Ensure that future faculty are equipped with the fundamental skills to succeed in academic pediatrics.
  • Enhance the quality and consistency of academic general pediatric fellowships.
  • Allow for individuality of programs, yet enable them to achieve core goals and objectives.
  • Promote more recognition of AGP fellowships.
  • Encourage more residents to select academic general pediatrics as a career choice.

What is the background of this project?

The discipline of Academic General Pediatrics (AGP) is increasingly recognized within pediatric departments in the United States as an important source of teachers, clinical epidemiologists, health services researchers, education researchers, and health care policy experts.

In 2004, a consensus conference sponsored by the American Board of Pediatrics Foundation proposed the development of an accreditation process for AGP fellowship training programs to strengthen the discipline and ensure the success of AGP in pediatric departments. To develop a curriculum for AGP Fellowships, the Academic Pediatric Association (APA) obtained a grant from the Bureau of Health Professions. A process for program review and consultation has been developed and piloted with seven volunteer AGP Fellowship programs and the core curriculum have been published in Academic Pediatrics, 2007. Vol 7, pp. 340-347 and 328-339.

Who is eligible to apply?

Programs eligible for APA Accreditation are:

  • Dedicated to the teaching of scholarly skills to fellows in general pediatrics, including academic general pediatrics, hospital medicine, community pediatrics, health services research, health policy and related pediatric disciplines
  • Training program of at least 2 years duration
  • Not a purely clinical training program
  • Not eligible for ACGME accreditation

What are the steps to apply for consultation and/or accreditation?

Note: In some cases, provisional accreditation based on careful review of the written application may precede a site visit.

Fee Schedule:
Initial Application Fee: $3,000
Annual Registration Fee: $2,500
Consultation Visit: $3,000 + expenses

Annual Schedule of Submission and Review
July 1: Applications accepted for next accreditation cycle
September 1: Final date for submission of applications to be considered for next accreditation cycle
January 1: Beginning of annual site visit period
June 30: Accreditations take effect for the current cycle

APA Accreditation Project Committee

Terri Turner, M.D., M.P.H., Committee Chair, Baylor College of Medicine
Louis M. Bell, M.D., Past Chair, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Constance D. Baldwin, Ph.D. University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
Daniel L. Coury, M.D., Columbus Children's Hospital and The Ohio State University
Paul M. Darden, M.D., Medical University of South Carolina
Thomas G. DeWitt, M.D., University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Benard P. Dreyer, M.D., New York University School of Medicine
James Feinstein, M.D., Children's Hospital Denver
Stephen Ludwig, M.D., The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Connie Mackay, Academic Pediatric Association
Mary Ottolini, M.D., M.P.H., Children's National Medical Center
Peter G. Szilagyi, M.D., M.P.H., University of California Los Angeles

If you have any questions please contact:
Teri Turner, M.D.,
Committee Chair

April 2017 Newsletter Article

Save The Date

SAVE THE DATE: 2nd Annual APA Pediatric Academic Generalist & Hospital Medicine Fellows' Conference

Thursday, May 4, 2017 in San Francisco, California from 1:30-7:00 pm

We are seeking fellows, particularly those from APA-accredited Academic General Pediatric (AGP) and Pediatric Hospital Medicine fellowships to attend a half day national fellows' conference on Thursday, May 4, 2017 in San Francisco, CA (immediately before the PAS meeting). This conference is designed for all pediatric fellows interested in enhancing their academic career skills and building strong collaborative networks with other academic fellows and faculty. There is no registration fee for this conference as it is hosted by the APA's Education Committee through the Academic General Pediatrics Accreditation Committee (AGPAC)

AGP fellows will have the opportunity to:

  • Obtain feedback from AGP leaders on their advocacy, quality improvement, education, or research projects?
  • Find like-minding individuals for networking and collaboration?
  • Identify and practice strategies to be a more effective academician

All trainees who are fellows within APA accredited training programs will receive a $200 voucher at the meeting to offset the hotel costs of attending the meeting.

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