APA Quality and Safety Improvement Scholars Program

Application Information

This application will open July 1, 2019. Deadline to apply will be October 1, 2019.

Who Should Apply & Program Requirements:

  • Pediatric faculty appointment (including DOs, PhDs and advanced practice providers (e.g. PA, PNP) in general, hospital or subspecialty divisions. Community faculty members with a genuine commitment to leading improvement efforts in a systematic, scholarly manner will also be considered for the program.
  • Commitment to payment of a one-time tuition fee of $5500, due 90 days after receving the invoice. If payment is delayed, your position may be filled by an individual on the wait list.
  • Commitment to a minimum 10% effort during the three years of program participation; attend QSIS teaching sessions; complete required assignments; and conduct an individual project, under the guidance of a mentor that results in a peer-reviewed publication or presentation. The individual project should be in line with the applicant's career goals and with departmental and institutional expectations of the applicant. A statement must be signed by the applicant and his/her supervisor agreeing to the 10%- time commitment.
  • Each applicant must propose an initial project topic and identify a mentor within the program application. Projects may be modified post program enrollment after enrollment in the program, after discussion with the Scholar's mentor, and assigned QSIS faculty advisor.
  • You must be a current member in good standing of the Academic Pediatric Association.

Application Process

The application is online and requires the following materials be submitted electronically:

  • Personal Statement of Agreement to Participate (250 word limit)
  • Curriculum vitae that highlights your education, post-graduate training, relevant background and experience.
  • Project description (1000 word limit)
  • Applicant agreement form
  • Supervisor agreement form
  • Required statement and letter from your Supervisor
  • Required statement and letter from your Mentor

*If you have any technical questions regarding the application or application process, contact Laura Turner at 703-556-9222 or LauraT@academicpeds.org




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