Guidelines for Regions

APA Region Handbook

The APA Board of Directors provides operational guidance and oversight for Regions. Please review the APA Region Handbook to learn more about how regions provide a valuable venue for membership to network with geographically-based colleagues, and to work towards goals that will benefit the membership of the APA at large. The Handbook can be accessed here

Request for Support from APA Staff

Staff within the APA central office provide administrative support to individual regions and collect information from Region Chairs for region meetings and PAS planning.

Regions may develop appropriate programming for the organization and request support from the APA central office to help in their program development, implementation and support. A Region Chair may submit a proposal for programming updates with this form. Forms should be submitted via email to

All requests will be reviewed during an upcoming Board of Directors meeting and may be approved or given feedback for further refinement.

Request Webpage Updates

Region Chairs may request to update the information on their respective region webpages by submitting details through this survey.

All region webpages are expected to be updated twice a year:

  • Early Spring (in preparation for an upcoming PAS Meeting)
  • End of Summer (sharing details/action items from a recent PAS Meeting)

APA Region Meeting Information and Timeline

Region Chairs must review the APA’s Regional Meeting Standards to prepare for upcoming meetings.

The guidelines include:

  • Mandatory agenda items
  • Meeting materials
  • Keynote guidelines/tips
  • Research abstract presentations/posters
  • Networking lunch
  • Themed workshop
  • Registration
  • Timeline

The Standards can be accessed here
















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