APA Research Scholars Program

The APA Research Scholars Program

The APA Board of Directors is proud to announce a new class of scholars for the APA Research Scholars Program, a faculty development program designed to help APA members interested in enhancing their academic credentials to develop research skills and to plan, implement, and write-up a research project. The mission of the APA Research Scholars Program is to assist pediatric clinician-educators and clinician-researchers in developing themselves as fulfilled faculty members engaged in important and exciting research and to increase the quality and breadth of child health research.

RSP Recruitment Flyer

  • Who should apply?
    Faculty (both junior faculty and mid-career) as well as fellows in general pediatrics, pediatric hospital medicine, child abuse pediatrics, developmental-behavioral pediatrics, pediatric emergency medicine, and other related disciplines who want to increase their research skills, experience a mentored research project, and/or who are trying to define an academic focus in their careers. APA membership is a requirement.

  • What happens?
    The APA Research Scholars Program is a 3-year program modeled on the very successful APA Educational Scholars Program and includes:
    • National research mentors, who will be chosen from senior researchers in the US, and will be assigned to each APA Research Scholar. Each scholar will also choose a local mentor, with our help if needed.
    • Monthly webinars and interactive sessions that will cover coursework in research design and statistics as well as faculty-facilitated and peer-mentored research-in-progress sessions. Peer-mentoring groups will be constituted based on commonality of research content and/or research methods.
    • Annual PAS full day session that will focus on advanced topics (e.g., using statistics software, use of large datasets) and research-in-progress review; attendance at selected PAS workshops (such qualitative research, manuscript writing, grant writing, reviewing abstracts and manuscripts).
    • Over the 3 years, the scholar will refine her/his research protocol, implement the research project, and end with a completed project submitted for presentation and/or publication.
    • Scholars are expected to complete the full curriculum, including projects, over 3-4 years. Successful scholars will receive a Certificate in Research Scholarship.

  • What are the requirements for completion of the APA Research Scholars Program?
    To complete the program and receive a Certificate of Excellence in Research Scholarship, participants will be required to:
    • Enlist the support of your department for the program: Scholars will be expected to commit 10% FTE to the program in order to complete the full curriculum, including projects, over 3 years. A tuition fee of $5,500 will be charged to all scholars for their three years in the program, due at time of enrollment. An additional application fee of $100 is charged at the time of submission of the application. Departmental support will also need to include access to statistical software used in the Program (SPSS), and purchase of statistical and research design textbooks. Talk to your Division Director and Chair about this program early on in the application process.
    • Make a commitment to:
      • Attend monthly webinars and prepare by doing required assignments
      • Attend PAS each year, including participating in full day session during an extra day at the meeting and attend recommended workshops
      • Conduct a mentored research project: develop the aims and hypotheses, implement it, and present/publish it. Applications to the program must include a project proposal. Program faculty are available for discussion of project ideas prior to application submission, if needed. Projects may be modified after enrollment in the program after discussion with the project mentor and the project monitor and approval of the new topic by the RSP director
      • Scholars are responsible for finding their own local mentors before they apply. If you are unable to do so, program leadership will facilitate connection with a mentor. For assistance in identifying a mentor, contact the APA Office at least one month prior to the application deadline.

  • What is the timeline for the application and when does the program start?
    • The application cycle will open March, 2018 and closes November 1, 2018. The program will start the day before the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting on Friday, April 26, 2019.

  • Who is leading this program?
    The APA Research Scholars Program is sponsored by the Academic Pediatric Association. The Program is co-directed by Sarah Armstrong, Alex Kemper, Janice Hanson and Alan Mendelsohn. Benard Dreyer continues to have a significant leadership role in the Program. Small group leaders represent the diverse interests of the APA membership and are leaders in their fields.

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