We encourage you to consider joining CORNET.  Enrollment in CORNET is free and without obligation; however, each institution’s site lead must be an APA member in order to enroll continuity clinics. 

Membership in CORNET will allow you, your continuity faculty, and your continuity residents opportunities to collaborate and network with colleagues nationally, receive mentorship in research and quality improvement, develop important scholarship agendas, and work with others to improve patient care and resident education.

Currently, more than 115 pediatric training programs are enrolled in CORNET, which includes over 50% of all pediatric residency training programs nationally. Among the pediatric training programs are over 160 individual continuity clinic practice sites and more than 5,900 categorical pediatric residents and medicine-pediatric residents who provide care to over 1 million pediatric patients.

Incentives for CORNET Participants

Personal Growth

  1. Ability to be involved in research that is practical, relevant, and important to their practice site.
  2. Opportunity to participate in clinical research.
  3. Ability to participate in a process that is often larger than the sum of its parts.
  4. Development of camaraderie between practice sites.
  5. Networking with colleagues.
  6. Ability for clinician to attend national meetings.
  7. National and regional recognition.
  8. Press releases to local newspaper highlighting practitioner’s involvement.


  1. Ladder of leadership, with opportunities available to become more involved.
  2. Recognition within the department.
  3. National and regional recognition can lead to promotion.
  4. Gain experience and mentorship in participating in research.
  5. Addition of studies in which one participated to their CV.
  6. Working with residents to enhance their involvement.
  7. MOC.


  1. Individual site specific data provided to the practice concerning study results.  These data may assist the study site to improve and/or can be shared with institutional leadership to demonstrate the accomplishments and successes of the practice site.
  2. Regular meetings that enhance communication between nursing, administrators, and practitioners at the practice site.
  3. Practice incentives that can be used to reimburse additional staff for administrative help with the study or to purchase items relevant to practice (refrigerator, microwave, fax machine, etc.).
  4. Networking with regional Family Voices.

Patients of the Practice

  1. Many patients enjoy participating in studies.  Patients may request feedback about study results.
  2. Parents may have enhanced satisfaction in receiving care from a practice actively involved in relevant research.
  3. Small monetary incentives to patients: money, coupons, vouchers.
  4. Benefits of Patient Advisory Boards or networking within local Family Voices and involvement in participatory research.
  5. Active involvement from the community in soliciting ideas about the research or sharing study ideas.

Map of CORNET Member Sites

CORNET membership is represented in 40 states across the United States, and Washington, D.C.




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