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Annual Update - 2018

Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Friedman MD, MPH; Marissa Hauptman MD, MPH; Abby Fleisch, MD, MPH

At the 2018 Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in Toronto, our Environmental Health Special Interest Group session is scheduled for Tuesday, May 8 from 9:30-11:30am. Please note, this is a different time than what is listed in the preliminary online program. The session will focus on early life health effects of fluoridated drinking water. Our speakers will be Dr. Christine Till, Dr. Morteza Bashash, and PhD Candidates Rivky Green and Julia Riddell. This group from York University and University of Toronto will discuss their ongoing research on early life exposure to fluoride and neurodevelopmental outcomes.

SIG session abstract:
Community water fluoridation refers to the controlled practice of adding fluoride to drinking water for the prevention of tooth decay. Most of the research supporting water fluoridation is now decades old and there is ongoing controversy as to its safety and risks. This talk will discuss the current controversy related to the efficacy and safety of this public health intervention, with particular focus on early life exposure to fluoride. In this talk, we will present our ongoing research that is using data from a national pregnancy cohort study: "Maternal-Infant Research on Environmental Chemicals" to test whether early life exposure to fluoride adversely impacts cognition and behavior in Canadian children. This talk will also discuss early life exposure to fluoride and neurodevelopmental outcomes that we are conducting on two other population-based cohorts.

Speaker information:

Christine Till, PhD is a registered psychologist with an expertise in neuropsychology. Dr. Till is currently an Associate Professor at York University and an Adjunct Scientist of the Neurosciences and Mental Health Research Program at The Hospital for Sick Children. Dr Till is the PI of the MIREC (Maternal-Infant Research on Environmental Chemicals) study.

Morteza Bashash, PhD is an Assistant Professor at University of Toronto. He is also a core member of the Toronto branch of the Environmental and Molecular Epidemiology Group (EMERG), a multi-disciplinary and multi-national team of investigators conducting large longitudinal and case-control studies of environmental risk factors and gene-environment interactions in relation to neurodevelopmental delays in children and chronic disease states in adults.

Rivka Green is a graduate student in neuropsychology in the Clinical and Developmental Psychology program in Dr. Christine Till's lab at York University, where she is working with data from Canadian and Mexican birth cohorts to examine the effects of prenatal and early childhood exposures to environmental exposures such as fluoride on neurodevelopment.

Julia Riddell is a Ph.D. Candidate in Clinical and Developmental Psychology at York University conducting research primarily in indigenous communities, northern Canadian youth and youth struggling with mental health and addiction.

Elizabeth Friedman MD, MPH
NW Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit
University of Washington

Marissa Hauptman, MD, MPH
Boston Children's Hospital
Harvard Medical School

Abby Fleisch, MD, MPH
Maine Medical Center
Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation, Maine Medical Center Research Institute

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