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Annual Report

Co-chairs: Barbara Bayldon MD, Northwestern University, H. Shonna Yin MD MS New York University, Andrea K Morrison, Medical College of Wisconsin

SIG purpose/mission: SIG's mission is to advance health literacy in the healthcare system and reduce the health literacy burden that children and their families experience in order to improve pediatric outcomes.

Current SIG goals:

  1. To develop and foster an agenda for health literacy research which promotes high quality pediatric care and improved child health outcomes
  2. To provide training and cultivate collaborative projects for child health providers and trainees to improve skills in evidence-based techniques for clear communication
  3. To evelop and promote the dissemination of clear, reader-friendly child health information
  4. To provide evidence-based solutions to advance health literacy in practice
  5. To partner with other organizations (AAP, AMA, CDC, IOM, NIH) to ensure that a pediatric HL perspective is part of the National Health Policy Agenda, including collaboration on policy statements

We hope that you can join us for the upcoming SIG meeting in Toronto!

Health Literacy April 2018 Newsletter

The Health Literacy Special Interest Group is excitedly preparing for the upcoming 2018 PAS meeting in Toronto in May!

While the SIG meeting is from 9:30-12:30 on Monday May 7th, featuring Dr Benard Dreyer's perspective on the journey of pediatric Health Literacy so far and future directions, there will be other informative and fun events at PAS this year.

As we have each year, we will be sharing with you a "Health Literacy Guide to PAS" via email, as well as posting it on the APA wiki page. We welcome ideas from all of you regarding the topics you would most be interested in concentrating on as part of the Health Literacy Special Interest Group, as we seek to advance our goals in research, education, and practice!

We especially wish to mention that we are holding our 3rd annual networking dinner on Monday May 7 at 7 pm at Figo, 295 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, On. If you are interested in joining us please RSVP to Barbara Bayldon at the e-mail below.

There will also be 2 Health Literacy related workshops, one with a clinical focus and the other with an educational focus: Look for them on the Health Literacy Guide to PAS which will be sent the week prior to PAS.

APA Health Literacy SIG Chairs

Dr. Barbara Bayldon

Dr. Andrea Morrison

Current SIG Co-Chairs:

Mary Abrams, MD, MPH
4575 Coach Rd
Columbus, OH 43220
Phone: (614) 722-4791

Barbara Bayldon, MD
225 E Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: (312) -22-6110

Andrea Morrison, MD
912 N 76th St
Wauwatosa, WI 53213
Phone: (414) 326-7832

Current SIG Mentor:

Benard Dreyer, MD
564 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016-6469
Phone: (212) 263-0788




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