Women in Medicine SIG

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SIG purpose/mission:
Address the issues facing women in academic pediatrics.

Current SIG goals:
Continue to review the areas of disparities related to Women in Medicine: 
1. Salaries 
2. Academic advancement 
3. Negotiating skills 
4.integrating professional and personal lives 
5. Confronting sexual harassment and intimidation 
6. Part-time employment 
7. Leadership opportunities

Annual summary:
The WIM SIG addressed the issue of sexual harassment and intimidation in academia. There were about 25 attendees. Dr. Berkowitz served as moderator for the panel who included Dr. Cathy DeAngelis, Dr. Danielle Laraque-Arenas and Dr. Elaine Schulte. A copy of the presentation will be submitted separately since it could not be pasted into this box.           

Current SIG Chair:

Carol Berkowitz, MD
1000 West Carson Street, Box 437
Torrance, CA 90509-2910
Phone: (310) 222-3091




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